Lunch Bite December 14, 2020

The Way of Love

But earnestly desire the higher gifts. And I will show you a still more excellent way.” (1 Corinthians 12:31, ESV)

The way of healing begins with the healing of the members of the body.  Just released is a vaccination for Covid-19.  This vaccine does not function by strengthening the lungs, or by reducing fevers.  The vaccine works by strengthening individual cells giving them the knowledge they need to recognize the enemy virus and each individual cell whether in the eye or the foot is then enabled to protect itself from the virus. 

God has given the body the vaccine that is needed to overcome the sickness within the body.  The vaccine is love applied as prescribed by the truth of Scriptures.  The body is dying because many claim to love and to be tolerant and to be inclusive.  However, good their intentions may be and how much love they may have if not applied to the sins of life by the truth of God’s word as prescribed by God then healing will never happen in the body. 

People claim to know better than God in how to apply love to the problems of death and sin.  They do so by first denying the truth of God’s word and accepting the diagnosis of the great Healer.  Sin is sin according to this truth, pride, anger, gossip, fear, sexual immorality of all flavors (homosexuality, fornication, adultery, gender confusion), drunkenness of all flavors (addictions, substance abuse including nicotine, food, and any number of excesses).  Many church denominations have set aside the means of applying God’s vaccine of love to the disease in the body because they reject God’s authority in their life.  They start by using 1 Corinthians 13 the love chapter to justify the rejection of truth for “the higher gift” of love.  They start then by God is love and therefore reject the application of God’s love as prescribed by God and therefore they will never find true healing.  Desire God’s greater gift to love and to apply that love to your own life one member at a time.  The way to overcome this pandemic is not with the denominations or the megachurches but is one member at a time.  One believer at a time, making one disciple at a time. 

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