Bible Study

Wednesday Night

Wednesday night is the main time for discipleship studies at the church.  The studies start at 6:00 AM on Wednesday and some lessons are recorded and posted here.

A Life Beyond Amazing

A study by David Jeremiah

Week 3 Chapter 2 A Life of Peace

Week 2 Chapter 1 A Life of Love

The Temples of God

Starting on October 28, 2020 we will begin a new study that may take a few sessions to get through but the study will be on the temples of God in the Bible. This study will take us through all of the redemptive history of God from the Garden to the New Earth. We will see how God has created in mankind the need to worship and how that has been corrupted by sin. We will see the love of God as he has made a means where His children can approach Him in worship, Finally, we will look into the future to see the restoration of our place in perfect fellowship and worship of the Lord God Almighty.

Below are the link to the various sessions we have covered to date.

Temples of God Session 1 – Introduction

Temples of God Session 2 – Tabernacle

Temples of God Session 3 – Solomon’s Temple

Temples of God Session 4 – The Temple is Destroyed

Temples of God Session 5 – The Exile

Temples of God Session 6 – Ezra and Herod’s Temples

Temples of God Session 7 Ezekiel’s Vision of Another Temple

Epistles of Peter

May 20th,  we take up the second session in our study through the book of 1 Peter.  The link can be found below.

Peter fisherman

2020-05-06 1 Peter Session 1

2020-05-20 1 Peter Session 2

2020-05-27 1 Peter Session 3

2020-06-03 1 Peter Session 4 1 Peter 1:13-25

Biblical Interpretation

This week we look at a question that is often thrown out to discredit the Bible.  Where did Cain’s wife come from?  In going through this exercise we find if we are committed to upholding the Bible to be without error, to not have any contradiction, and to speak God’s word with authority we can answer the hardest questions.

Cain's Wife-2

2020-04-28 Biblical Interpretation

Olivet Discourse


2020-05-13 Olivet Discourse