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Sanctity of Life Sunday 2021

2021-01-24 Sanctity of Life Message

This is another year and according to the best estimates another 1,200,000 babies have been killed in the womb. Now with a new government this could be the most dangerous time to be a baby. How long of God will you people look on this horror and remain silent.

The Greatest Commandment

2020-09-20 Mark 12:28-30 Love God with All

2020-05-03 Psalm 23 God My Shepherd

2020-04-26 Luke 8:40-56 Online Video

2020-04-12 Resurrection Celebration Online Video

2020-04-05 1Kings 8:37-40 The Cure Has Come

2020-03-22 Revelation 21.1-7 He Makes All Things New

2020-03-15 Isaiah 41:4-10 Fear Not

2020-07-05 Matthew 18:10-14 God Loves You


2020-03-08 Matthew 16:21-28 Think the Way God Thinks About the Cost of Your Soul

2020-02-23 Matthew 16.13-17 Who Do You Say Jesus Is.


Lord’s Supper

2020-02-09 Luke 22:14-20 Do This In Memory of Me

The Need for Contentment

2020-01-12 Philippians 4:11 The Need for Contentment

2020-01-26 Proverbs 3:5 Trusting God the Soil to Nurture Contentment

2020-02-02 Philippians 4:11-13 Nurturing the Garden of Contentment

Sanctity of Life Sunday

2020-01-19 Psalm 139:1-18 Sanctity of Life


God Wants to Do A New Work

2019-12-29 Isaiah 43:16-21 A New Work

God Gave Himself

God Gives Us Love

2019-12-22 Genesis 3:21 God Gives Us Love

God Gives Us Joy

2019-12-15 John 15:11 God Gives Us Joy

God Gives Us Peace

2019-12-08 Romans 5:1 God Gives Us Peace

God Gives Us Hope In Himself

In this message we begin a series of messages that have come from the the Thanksgiving message on being thankful for God’s presence.  In the first message God Gives Us Hope we look at how God’s presence and His gifts instill hope in us.

2019-12-01 Romans 8:24-25 God Give Us Hope in Himself


In considering the Thanksgiving Holiday a day established by the federal government but having its roots in Christianity is celebrated by many of different religions, non-believers and believers.  Who do you give thanks to if you do not have a relationship with God.  The greatest blessing in life are not the things of life but that God is in our life.  By faith, a gift from God, we are brought into a relationship with God because he wanted us, he created us, he gives us life.  Give thanks for God.

2019-11-24 1 Chronicles 16:8-36 Give Thanks for God

The Promise of God

Matthew 24:36-44 Standing on the Promise of God

Behold the Beauty of Christ

In the Garden Hebrews 1-2 October 20, 2019

Cardiac Care

Cardiac Care – Servant Heart September 15, 2019

Cardiac Care – Write Your Story 2 Corinthians 3:1-3 September 29, 2019

The Gospel of Matthew

Change from the Inside

August 18, 2019 Matthew 15:10-20

It is Well

August 4, 2019 Matthew 14:22-33

Christian Living

Amazing Love of God

June 23, 2019 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17  The Amazing Love of God

To Know the Heart of God

As believers we often speak of knowing God and his attributes especially his love.  Scripture is clear that part of essential being of God is that he is love.  From who God is there are other attributes and actions of God that support who God is as the perfect and holy God.  To know God’s heart we must explore all these attributes including an action of God that many shun and that is the wrath of God.  We become very apologetic when God’s wrath is brought up by unbelievers and we even diminish our understanding of the love of God when we don’t accept and understand the God’s love in his righteous anger and wrath against all unrighteousness, unholiness, and evil.  This series of messages is intended to know deeper the character and the love of God as is seen in the wrath of God poured out on sin.

August 12, 2018 Number 21:4-9 To Know the Heart of God

In this message we look at the heart of God who is patient in restraining sin committed against Him in order that believers may repent and be redeemed.  God calls on believers to live as well patiently waiting, living holy and godly, before the world as a testimony and witness to hasten the Day of the Lord.

August 19, 2018 2 Peter 3:8-13 The Fullness of God’s Love

The Church

This series started in May as what was intended to be a series of 2 or three messages on the state of the church, Rockbridge and the church as the body of Christ.  But, this turned into a series covering several topics around the church and being a member of the body.

July 22, 2018 Living Faith 2 Peter 1:1-11

July 15, 2018 Do You Believe in Miracles Joshua 6:1-21

The Gospel According to Matthew

This is continuing a series preaching through the Gospel.  Matthew has been an ongoing series since it was started on 2011.  There have been many other topical and expository sermons preached while we have continued through Matthew.

10-14-2018 God is Looking for Willing Hearts Matthew 12:46-50

Unforgivable Rejection Matthew 12:22-32

Precious Life Matthew 12:15-21

Series on Biblical Transformation

From Romans 12.2 we read a biblical principal that all Christians should long to experience and that is to be transformed from the old life to a new life.  This series focused four Sundays on one verse to dig into the depths of the truth capture in so few words by Paul as given to him by the Holy Spirit.





Special Service for Missions. 

A KBC Disaster relief team shared today their work as missionaries.

2 Corinthians 1:3-7  The Expectation of God


A New Life in Christ   Oct 25, 2015

Adopted as Children of God

Adopted as Children of God Oct 18, 2015

What is the Kingdom

The gospel of Matthew focuses on Jesus’ teaching about the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven more than any other gospel.  How do these truths from scripture help us in daily life.

Seeking the Kingdom Puts This Life in Perspective

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