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“In the Good Ole Summer Time”

This summer has been a busy one even though there was break on Sunday nights as My Time church took a break for the summer.  But this has been an excellent summer for our church in terms of missions and reaching out the community.  There has been one profession of faith from My Time church as a young man gave testimony that he awoke in the middle of the night and knew he needed Jesus.

A group of men volunteered a Saturday to help a local couple put in a new wheel chair ramp.  The old ramp was in bad repair and too steep for the wife of the couple living there and their granddaughters had fallen through the old boards of the ramp.

Before                                                    After

20130617_110720  IMG_1689


We had another work group from Springfield Baptist come out in Mid July and helped us with painting and minor repairs on the church.  We really appreciate our friends at Springfield Baptist.

We held a one day VBS retreat for our My Time church kids that began with a morning of activities at the church and ended with a trip to Harrodsburg pool.