Our Church

The History of Rockbridge Baptist Church

In 2007  Rockbridge celebrated 200 years of ministry in this community. West of where the church stands now in the woods the word of God was presented to the people who lived in the area. From the humble beginnings in the woods Rockbridge Baptist Church was begun and has continued to be a part of the community. Through the years Rockbridge has held many great revival meetings. At one such meeting, 95 people were added to the church. In 1844 the church moved to its present location under the leadership of Elder Reuben Scancey.God has used many men to lead the continuance of Rockbridge as called pastors. Although records are sketchy at best, some of the early pastors of Rockbridge were B.F.Keeling, W.T.Corn, R. Sales, B.F.Anderson, and R.F.Gray, who was pastor for 20 years. The church, from the time of 1939, began to call seminary students to pastor the church. There have been many pastors who have served over the years.  Presently the pastor of Rockbridge is Terry McIlvoy.  The church at Rockbridge is looking forward to the work of God’s grace among us as we serve the Lord and the work of the Kingdom of Heaven.  This requires building on the foundations laid in the past to reach the lost of our community and the world with gospel.