The Remnant

This year has been one that has tried the heart and souls of many.  It has been a year plagues, riots, and unrest.  I have observed the same with nature.  This year our fruit trees experienced a warmer than normal Spring.  They bloomed on time and seemed to have had time to pollinate.  The peach tree first, then the pear tree, and at last the apple tree all filled with blooms.  However, there was not fruit set on any of these trees.  Not unusual for the peach tree but pear trees are usually very hardy and have fruit when others don’t.  Among all the other strangeness of the year I wondered in my own heart was God telling us something through creation.  I know the  farm folks from years ago would say this is a sign but of what?

Then this week as I mowed the yard I came past the apple tree to find one apple hanging beautifully from a low branch shining in the sun.  It is as if God reminded me of the remnant in the Old Testament.  God never fully cut off humanity for our disobedience he always left a remnant a seed from which to continue His plan to redeem a people for Himself in the blood of Christ Jesus.  Remnants of the past include Noah, Joseph, the captives of Israel taken to Babylon as punishment for their sin.








OK so what does this mean?  I see this as sign from God.  Even though the fruit trees were barren this year which is very indicative of the world we live in where faith in God is rare just as this apple,  God will bring forth new life from the remnant.  The times we live in are troubling with disease and violence at every turn.  God is reminding us there is a remnant of faith.  Others may fall away but only the faithful will remain and God will deliver His promise to that remnant.  Those who are born again in faith in the blood of Jesus.  Who have repented of their sins and accepted the death of Christ as the payment for their wrongs and have been sealed under the New Covenant as children of God.

The question remains who are the remnant?  Those who are praying faithfully and humbly.  Those who will accept Christ to be come a born again child of God.  Who are you?


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