The Return Day of Prayer

On September 26 our brothers and sisters in Christ will be gathering on the the National Mall in Washington D.C for a day of prayer centered on ourselves, our neighbors, our nation, and the world. Information on The Return can be found at this web site The

A group from Rockbridge Baptist will be travelling to Washington for this prayer rally and also to participate in Franklin Graham’s Prayer walk from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capital steps on the same day. Information on Franklin Graham’s prayer walk can be found here. Prayer March 2020

If you cannot join this time of prayer in Washington we ask that that you join in prayer where you are for 10 days leading up to the rally and prayer walk an until September 28th. This is a Ten Prayer Challenge .

Please take time to pray. Our churches are calling for prayer, God is expecting His children to pray. Where is your voice in this call to join with our brothers and sisters for prayer.

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