Lunch Bite

“But will God indeed dwell with man on the earth? Behold, heaven and the highest heaven cannot contain you, how much less this house that I have built!” (2 Chronicles 6:18, ESV)

In our Wednesday night Bible Study we have been studying the temples of God as the means God has established to dwell among His children. In the study on Solomon’s temple I came to this verse in Solomon’s dedication of the first temple in Jerusalem. The temple was 90 feet by 30 feet and 45 feet tall. A fairly large building.

Solomon noted in his prayer how will God who cannot be contained by the heavens, by eternity, or by infinity abide and dwell in the presence of His people in such a small space. It was beyond the thinking of Solomon as to how and much more why would God want to dwell with us.

In the New Testament we learn that because of Jesus’ work that God’s presence of Holy Spirit dwells with believers and abides in us. If Solomon as the wisest to have ever lived ponders the question of how can such a small house contain the presence of God. We should question now even more how can God’s presence dwell and abide in us as believers.

If God’s presence fills space an fills it infinitely how is it that we can have any room in our lives for worry, doubt, fear, loneliness, pursuing pleasures, lusts, anger, resentments, bitterness, forgiveness, hatred, feeling unloved, disobedience, worldly pursuits, anxiety, and the list could go on for every sin of mankind. This makes me think of the response to Joseph on the night Jesus was born and he was looking for lodging for Mary who was in labor. The response was there is no room. That should be our response to everything that we will encounter today and every day that wants to try to get into our life, no room because God dwells here.

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