December 30, 2020

The Way of Love

it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.” (1 Corinthians 13:6, ESV)

 This passage describes the U.S. today except in reverse.  We have become a culture without God and without any moral compass that rejoices in wrongdoing and rejects the truth.  There are no objective truths any longer.  Young adults have been taught for decades that truth is relative and only defined by the person.

Of course, we know that this is fundamentally wrong.  See how you feel one day when someone applies this truth in a literal way and steals your car.  Then there is a definite right and wrong.  Subjective or relative truth and morality has come about to justify the sexual immorality and the substance abuse rampant in the culture.  The argument goes no one is hurt and no one is offended so there is nothing wrong.  There are consequences with devastating effects from these decisions both personally and culturally.  Primarily the one who is offended by all our wrongdoing is God.  He sees every action, is aware of our thoughts and feelings, and knows the hurts they will cause. 

The way of love must be founded on not just accepting the truth of God’s word for our life but rejoicing in that truth.  The words of God speak the truth in love to our most basic need to overcome sin in our life.  Rejoice is a worship word.  Many rejoice or worship their sins, demand them as a right, justify them as a need, or hide them from the world.  The way of love is to seek ways to rejoice or worship the truth.

Accept God’s correction because it is right. 

Let God love us in giving the words of truth and life.

Believe that God wants better for us in the truth of His word.

If God’s word says don’t then we are not limited by this word, we are not prisoners in bondage because God says don’t.  Instead, we are set free, free from sin, free from the hurt, free from the conviction, free from the consequences, free to love and to be loved by God.  Worship the truth of God and live in the freedom from sin. 

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