Lunch Bite January 7, 2021

Today how about a little song with your lunch.  Check out this song from Casting Crowns that is very appropriate for this season.

Make room in your hearts for more of God.  It may involve getting rid of things and it may involve a renovation that only God can do to expand your heart.  After all your heart is His, He died for it, He gave it you when you were born, only God can expand our hearts as we permit. 

One action we can take is to get rid of things that clutter our heart.

  • Fear, doubt worry.
  • Greed, pride, arrogance.
  • Ignorance, hate, bigotry.
  • Lust, gossip, pursuits of sensual pleasures.
  • Anger, frustration, despair.
  • Love for the world.

To have God renovate and expand our heart we must.

  • Desire the change.
  • Permit the change.
  • Grow in the change.
  • Love the change.

No one likes change.  The status quo is comfortable.  But what if we are so cluttered we have no room in our heart for God to write His story.  Consider what you are missing. 

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