Thinking as a Christian about who are the real victims of abortion.

Considering the victims of abortion who are the ones most to be pitied.  Who are the ones Christians should  seek to love and be compassionate toward.  There are three groups the mother who will kill her child, the baby who will die, and the physicians and nurses who will commit the murder.

Many Christians would answer the baby because it is true the baby is the primary victim.  If we understand scripture, God is the source of all life God knows the ultimate purpose for the life He creates.  Then we must hold fast to the belief that God created the life of the baby for a reason that is ultimately good.  Even if the baby was conceived in the worst conditions, will live in horrible poverty, The ultimate purpose of the life God created is not this life but the life intended one day to possibly be part of the Kingdom of God and to be a worshiper in Heaven.  The life is for God’s glory and love.  Has the baby been denied this purpose because of being murdered and never having lived outside of the womb?  No, because by God’s grace and the atoning blood of Jesus that life is redeemed.  The baby will never experience the hardships and sins of this life, hunger cold, loneliness, rejection, temptation nor any of the other effects of a fallen world.  Does the baby need a Savior the Lord Jesus.  Yes because all of humanity has inherited sin from Adam.  By grace alone in Christ alone that child is saved and will be with God in Heaven as part of the Kingdom.  Some would rationalize this to say then it is better the baby was murdered if that is what we believe as Christians.  The answer to that is a definite and absolute no!  God created that life and we must uphold the value of life as being created in the image of God.

downloadThe baby murdered in abortion has been denied the opportunity of living for God in this life but has gained the eternal reward of being with Christ in eternal Paradise.  As a Christian we must uphold the value of all life not primarily because the potential of that life in this world but for the reason that every life is carries the image of God.  By destroying life we destroy that image and blaspheme God’s name.

The mother is the second group.  She is to be loved and cared for even if she goes through with the abortion.  She is facing a choice and is being misguided and misdirected. Our concern and love should be greater toward her.  She is a victim of the culture that says it is your body and your choice.  As Christians were are to reach out as sinners who have experienced the grace of Christ in redemption and forgiveness.  The sin of the mother condemns her without Christ just as our sin condemns us without the saving grace and mercy of Christ.  There will be hurt and guilt and conviction for what she has done.  She will need the good news that Jesus came to heal the sinners heart and bring new life.  The mother is in a place either before or after an abortion where she needs the love of God and God’s people.  Repentance and forgiveness are close at hand for her and in the experience maybe she will accept the sacrifice and blood of Christ as her sacrifice and become a believer.  What if the purpose of the murdered baby is to bring the mother to salvation?

The abortionist a.k.a. murderers of the innocent are the most to be pitied and the most to be loved by Christians.  Watching the videos released by CMP brings emotions of anger and hate.  Anger is acceptable if it is righteous anger because God will use that anger to motive a person to action.  Jesus turned over a few tables in His ministry.  Hate is never allowed for a child of God.  We must fight the urge to hate even when the words from the abortionist and their actions to seem so cold and callous.  We are to love the enemies of the cross of Christ because we once were the enemies of the cross as unrepentant sinners.  The abortionist and those that support this view are lost in the darkness they are ensnared by the evil one and trapped.  They have rejected life and take life callously with no reverence or respect for life.  They are depraved when they can talk about the body parts of babies, with no guilt or fear, calling the parts by name but never acknowledging that a life was taken.  They describe procedures where the head can be crushed but the brain salvaged.  Yes if we believe in a judgment for sin we must pity and have compassion on the abortionist because the torment they face will be ten thousand times the torment they have caused to one of these little ones.  Not that their sin condemns them to a greater degree than the sins of lust, greed, gluttony, anger, gossip, worry, or failing to love God.  But, that they are so far from conviction and repentance.  Their stone cold hearts do not feel anything.  They are dead inside.  We must pray that God in his grace would save them.

So in looking at all involved, the baby will receive Paradise to live in peace and joy forever ministered to by angels and living in the love and glory of God, the mother may one day be reunited with her child if in the conviction and guilt she turns to the one source of life Jesus Christ for forgiveness and accepts Him as her Savior.  The abortionist lives moves and works under the forces of evil with a dead heart and totally deceived.  Our prayers must be for the mother but more importantly for the abortionist.  Jesus cried out from the cross “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34).  The real victim will be those that die without Jesus and the abortionist is more likely to be the one who will reject Jesus.

Grace and peace,

Bro. Terry

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