Thinking as a Christian – Creation

Recently our youth traveled to the Creation Museum as part of our study on creation versus evolution.  In the study the main objective has been to ask the young adults to think and to use their minds as God had intended.  Evolutionist pride themselves on having been enlightened and set free from God and the Bible and therefore they are free to think outside of the boundaries of faith.  They claim to be the ones who hold the true knowledge.  Yet, the science and the scientific method of historical science has many gaps in the data.  They are forced to fill those gaps with assumptions and theories that require faith.  Christians have the same gaps but we accept the answers from God and these are often proven to be accurate.  Also the answers from God are more satisfying to explain all the questions of life.  All that the students were asked to do was to Think.   I would agree with Norman Geisler who wrote the book I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist. Atheism demands boundaries of thinking that are too restrictive to be personally satisfying.

We had a great trip with our young people that included a picnic lunch, zip lines and touring the museum exhibits including a planetarium show.  The planetarium was my favorite because it showed truly How Great is our God.  The zip lines added a little excitement to the trip and we had a great time learning faith to step off the edge and fly through the air.

Creation Museum Youyt

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